Past Interns of

Exercise Science Intern (Winter 2020/21)

Bella Ross

  • BS Kinesiology -Rehabilitation Science (Lake Superior State University)

Bella's main project during her internship was to research and write an article pertaining to exercise prescription for children. She also reviewed and edited articles, prepared projects for future interns, and began a contact list of Universities offering Master's programs in exercise science. She looks forward to completing her Masters in Education and teaching health and phys ed to high school students, while continuing to teach group fitness and cycling classes.

Exercise Science Intern (Fall 2020)

Yonnathan Varela

  • MS Exercise Science, Clinical Cognate (Liberty University)
  • BS Physical Education (Pensacola Christian College)

During Yonnathan's internship, he researched and wrote reference articles reviewing exercise prescription guidelines for various special populations. He completed reviews covering 38 ailments and coordinated a small team of credentialed reviewers representing multiple disciplines, who provided editing suggestions under his direction. At the completion of his internship, Yonnathan earned his graduate degree in Exercise Science. He looks forward to becoming a clinical exercise physiologist and gaining proficiency in sports medicine.

My internship experience allowed me to not only obtain a more thorough understanding of exercise prescription for special populations, but it also improved my research, writing, and communication skills.

Computer Science Intern (Fall 2019)

Amanda Frazier

  • MS Cyber Investigation and Digital Security (University of Maryland, Global Campus)
  • BS Computer Graphics and Game Design (Shepherd University)

Amanda was in her second to last semester at the University of Maryland Global Campus for Cyber Investigation and Digital Security when beginning her internship with She reviewed and corrected security issues with projects and helped to implement multiple solutions for the website. Amanda is an experienced developer who greatly enjoys her work. She's currently pursuing her PhD in Computer Science at Aspen University.

Exercise Science Intern (Spring 2019)

Sarah Mong

  • BS Kinesiology (Penn State University)

Sarah completed her internship with during her final semester at Penn State University. She updated and expanded the supplement reviews under the nutrition section of the site, answered visitors' questions, as well as calculated percentage bodyweight for plyometric movements. Sarah is an Olympic Weightlifter who enjoys sharing her knowledge/passion for health and fitness with others.

Computer Science Intern (Summer 2018)

Christopher Aguilar

Chris was a teaching assistant at Georgia Tech Professional Education when he joined During his internship, Christopher analyzed and reinterpreted outdated app requirements into a more modern, responsive design. He utilized standard tooling and best practices in order to migrate the abandoned project from jQuery to React, and also gained some very valuable experience as a lead developer along the way.

I'm not going to lie, this internship was hard, but hard in a good way. It challenged every perception I had about programming, project organization, and decision making. The skills that I gained from working with James and Weng have proven to be invaluable, and without this opportunity I would not have gotten the position at Hiscox. I want to personally thank you, James, for playing a key role in kick starting my career as a professional developer.

Exercise Science Intern (Summer 2017)

Sophia Hayes

  • BS Public Health (Emporia State University)

Sophia completed an internship with during her final semester at Emporia State University. Sophia improved the Weight Training exam for NSCA CEUs. She created new questions and validated the exam by administering/ analyzing test results of volunteers she had recruited. Sophia is currently working at the Onslow County Health Department and attending Grad School.

Computer Science Intern (Winter 2016-2017)

Ayushi Jha

  • Indira Gandhi Delhi Technical University for Women

Ayushi conducted her remote internship from India, where she lives and studies computer science. She worked with our team members from other countries including our lead developer in Bangladesh, our production assistant in Philippines, and our app programmer in the US. She spent a large portion of her internship detecting and correcting errors on our new modernized site within the Concrete5 CMS, including content pages and JavaScript calculators. She also used drawing tools to prepare dozens of graphics.

Computer Science Intern (Summer 2016)

Hyunkoo Chung

  • BS Biomedical Engineering (Duke University)

While attending graduate school in biomedical engineering, Hyunkoo wanted to explore other areas of programming. With no previous web development background, he was able to quickly learn HTML, CSS, Javascript, and jQuery. Hyunkoo assisted in the development of the upcoming web app. He focused on developing the sign-in/registration pages and a method to allow users to add exercises to their account.

The time I had with the team at has been a valuable experience. I had a chance to learn new programming languages and work on various parts of the web app project. The internship has allowed me to appreciate building a web app/web site. Furthermore, I enjoyed getting to work with people around the world.

Computer Science Intern (Fall 2015)

Suemayah Eldursi

  • BS Computer Science, Taibah University

Suemayah completed her Bsc at Taibah University with First Class Honours before joining the internship program. She is a self motivated and aspiring individual who researched and implemented several technologies to contribute to the front and back end development for the upcoming ExRx web app. After her internship, she also served as a partner web app developer at for an additional semester.

Computer Science Intern (2014)

Jim Heckler

  • PhD Chemistry (Case Western Reserve University), 2014
  • BS Chemistry (Case Western Reserve University), 2009

While attending graduate school for his PhD in Chemistry, Jim wanted to explore the field of web development. He further developed his skills and gained experience by assisting in researching, installing, testing, and evaluating CMS in hopes to modernize Jim was was one of the most disciplined interns, extending his internship for an entire year.

Interning with James and the team at was a valuable experience. I came in as a self-taught web developer with no team experience. I learned a lot about web dev, especially about working as a member of a team with focused objectives. It was great to be included in the entire process - from idea conception to decision making. James was very understanding about my unorthodox internship and work schedule and was always willing to be flexible. I wish the best of luck to James and the rest of the team completing their web projects - I wish I could stay on to continue helping!

Computer Science Intern (Fall 2014)

Stuart Kleinman

  • MS Computer Science (Lehman College), 2014
  • BS Biological Sciences (SUNY Old Westbury, NY, 2010

Stu was completing his Masters Degree in Computer Science in Bronx, New York. He assisted in researching, installing, testing, and evaluating CMS in hopes to modernize

Computer Science Intern (Fall 2013)

Jeff Snyder

  • BS Computer Science (SUNY Potsdam)
  • BS Chemistry (SUNY Potsdam), 2010

Jeff was completing his second degree in Computer Science at SUNY Potsdam. Jeff created the CSS to make responsive and assisted with implementing the bread crumb navigation on He researched various technologies and attended the meetings, offering valuable advice and insight for our map app.

It has been great working with you as well James. Thanks for the opportunity! I definitely learned a lot. I felt very included in the active development of your projects. I enjoyed consulting on various projects and seeing different aspects in the development process, it gave me a lot of insight. It was also pretty amazing to work with different people located all over the world.

Exercise Science Intern (Spring 2013)

Breanne Wilhite

  • Pre Med Student
  • BS Health Exercise Science (WFU)
  • Minor in Chemistry

Breanne was completing her pre-med studies at Wake Forest University. Originally from Charlotte, North Carolina, Breanne completed a study abroad program in Auckland, New Zealand. She plans on attending Medical School to obtain her MD. Breanne shares her experience at

This internship truly exceeded my expectations and I will be able to use the skills obtained not only in my future career, but in life as well. I want to thank you for taking me on and providing me with this experience. I appreciate how accommodating you were in training me and helping me to become more confident in planning and maintaining my own tasks. Not only did I gain useful knowledge in becoming self-sufficient, but I also gained computer skills and research/writing skills that are extremely important when applying for medical school.

Computer Science Intern (Summer 2009)

Kaustubh Dhondge

  • UMKC Student: Master of Science - Computer Science
  • BS Bachelor of Engineering - Computer Science

Kaustubh was completing his Master of Science degree in Computer Science at University of Missouri, Kansas City. He has completed his Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science. Kaustubh worked on early prototypes of an exercise prescription application for LLC. He also worked as a Graduate Teaching Assistant at University of Missouri, Kansas City.

Exercise Science Intern (Spring 2009)

John Basham

  • NETA Certified
  • BS Exercise Science (USI)

John was completing his Master of Science Degree in Exercise Science at Indiana State University. He has completed an internship with St. Mary's Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation and been an employee of several commercial fitness centers and corporate wellness programs. John enjoys rock climbing, teaching aerobics, instructing martial arts, and competing in triathlons. John assisted developing earlier designs of an exercise prescription application for LLC.

Exercise Science Intern (Fall 2008)

Dylan Jones

  • Certified Personal Trainer (ACE)
  • BS Exercise Physiology and Metabolism (WSU)

Dylan was an employee at Spokane Athletic Club in Spokane, Washington and a junior in the Exercise Physiology and Metabolism major offered through Washington State University. He has been an intern at City Fitness in Vancouver, WA and a part of many health promoting professional organizations. His major is the only in the nation to be accredited by both the American Dietetic Association and The American College of Sports Medicine. In addition to wrestling, Dylan enjoys racquetball, yoga, hiking, and snowboarding. He has published journal work and hosted exercise and Nutrition programming on radio. After graduating, he plans to become a registered dietitian and get his Exercise Specialist license offered through ACSM.

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