Body Tracker Pro: Keep Track of Your Workouts

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Keep track of your workouts with Body Tracker Pro. Simply print out a workout spreadsheet and take it to the gym with you. Use the spreadsheet to record your workout. Once you get home, enter your data into Body Tracker Pro to track your progress.

In the workout screen of Body Tracker Pro, you can track the following:

  • Muscle being worked out
  • Name of the exercise
  • Number of sets
  • Number of reps
  • Weight used in each exercise
  • Amount of rest between each exercise
  • Duration of the exercise
  • Any additional notes for the exercise

Simply enter your workout information into Body Tracker Pro and save the information. If you do the same workout more than once, you can create a workout template to save time. Then the next time you do the same or a similar workout, you simply open the template and edit the workout if there were any changes.


Once you save your workout, you can export your data to Microsoft Word or graph your progress in Body Tracker Pro.

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