Lever V-Squat (plate loaded)

Lever V-Squat (plate loaded)


Utility: Basic or Auxiliary
Mechanics: Compound
Force: Push



Position shoulders under shoulder pads with back against back pad. Place feet on platform, shoulder width apart. Extend hips and knees and release lever.


Lower lever by flexing hips and knees until knees are just short of complete flexion. Raise sled by extending knees and hips. Repeat.


If available, re-engage support lever in extended position before dismounting. If insufficient, hip flexibility forces pelvis to pull away from back pad at lower portions of movement, only lower sled just short of spinal articulation. Keep knees pointed same directions as feet. Do not allow heels to raise off of platform, pushing with both heel and forefoot. Placing feet slightly forward on platform emphasizes Gluteus Maximus. Placing feet slightly back on platform emphasizes Quadriceps.

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