Dumbbell Full Can Lateral Raise

Dumbbell Full Can Lateral Raise


Utility: Auxiliary
Mechanics: Isolated
Force: Pull



Grasp dumbbells with each hand with palms facing forward.


Raise arms to side with thumb side up. Lower and repeat.


Maintain straight elbow position throughout exercise. Exercise may also be performed with shoulder traveling up to 30ยบ forward, more inline with plane of scapular.

Supraspinatus activity is similar between 'empty can' and 'full can' exercises. However, 'full can' results in less risk of subacromial impingement. Scapular internal rotation and scapular anterior tilt, both of which decrease subacromial space width and increase impingement risk, are greater when performing scaption with shoulder internal rotation (empty can) compared with scaption with external rotation (full can ). (Escamilla 2009)

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