Two Day Split Program Templates

(Upper Body / Lower Body)


Workout A: Upper Body

Workout B: Lower Body


Workout A: Upper Body

Workout B: Lower Body


  • Pick only one program from the 2 variations above (Traditional or Staggered) or choose another split.
  • Change exercises monthly. Try an alternative template next month or stick to your favorite template.
  • Italicized exercises are optional. Choose optional exercises sparingly in effort to keep keep workout duration to a minimum.
  • Strive for 5 to 7 exercises for each workout depending upon relative size of muscles exercised in workout.
  • Choose basic exercises when possible (ie: choose bold or regular typeface exercises listed in exercise subdirectories).
  • If a second exercise for the same muscle group is performed considering an auxiliary exercise (italics or regular typeface exercises listed in exercise subdirectories).

~ Only choose one workout in which to program exercise(s) which involve Erector Spinae as a stabilizer or synergist, allowing for adequate recovery. If choosing exercise which involve erector spinae, do not choose exercises on other workout(s) with this same marking which also involve erector spinae. See complementary pairing of exercises involving low back.

+ For deconditioned beginners, choose an auxiliary abdominal exercise (italics exercise) which do not involve hip flexors. For all others with strong abdominals and a healthy low back, consider choosing a basic abdominal exercise (bold or regular type face exercise) which utilize hip flexors. Higher reps are typically performed for abdominal exercises (eg: 15-20 reps) with an emphasis on muscular endurance.

* Exercise can be moved to another workout with fewer exercises in order to equalize workout durations.

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